Hi there. I’m Scratch. Otherwise known as MX Skroch. Also known as Xavier Thomas Skroch.

Along with living through all the typical travails of the modern lifestyle I’ve also been writing and recording music since 1986. Success has been elusive – but I never really tried all that hard to begin with. The satisfaction for me is in the process itself. Writing, performing, recording, producing, improvising – all of these activities have resulted in great memories and true friendships.

I’ve slowed down a bit in recent years but the quantity of released material I’ve been a part of is quite sizable. This site features the dates, the details, the artwork, the words, and (usually) a few songs to listen to from each work discussed. As of October 2013 there are over 120 songs available here for your listening pleasure.

Thanks for stopping by. Comments have been disabled due to rampant spamming, so go find me on LinkedIn if you don’t have my email and would like to give me feedback on this site or its contents.

NOTE: You can access a larger high resolution version of most images just by clicking on the image.

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