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Sheep Fiends – Live from the Rumpus Room – 10/16/2005

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Album #: 54

Recording Dates: 11/15/1998 & 10/16/2005

Release Date: 2005

Catalog: SF


The Rumpus Room became our new home base around this time. This was Brian M’s posh basement gathering spot with wood as far as the eye could see. While this space would see dramatic change a few years later; during this era we only had access to 2-track straight to tape recording – meaning the mixes on these CDs are as varied as the genres are…

This CD also contains a bonus 20 minute guitar freakout from 1998. You can listen to that one over at if the mood strikes ya.



Two Track Sampler

Track 01 – A Friend Like You (The Sheep Fiends– Some slide guitar over a rumbling shuffle lays the groundwork for Matt C. to speak his mind and take the role of emcee. If you love off-kilter this is another one for you!  [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 07Levi’s Gonna Break (The Sheep Fiends) – Sometimes the Sheep Fiends get topical, such as during this bizarre musical reaction to Hurricane Katrina. Robot voices and a Big Black guitar. Tones from the cosmos. Then it somehow devolves into some dumb blues. Then the singers riff on the theme of natural disasters. So it’s definitely the Sheep Fiends!  [Scratch on Vocals]

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Sheep Fiends – I Love America

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Album #: 53

Recording Dates: 2005

Release Date: 2005

Catalog: SF


This CD gathers the best from several jams during 2005.

Two Track Sampler

Track 05 – You Are the Zebra (The Sheep Fiends) – Sometimes you have no ideas so you pick a list and run with it. Encephalitis. Insidious. Quartanium. Uvula. Zebra.  [Scratch on Bass & Vocals]

Track 06Sinister Happenings (The Sheep Fiends) – A thumper of a rocker. A real haunting swirler!  [Scratch on Guitar]

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