Suneel Bloody Suneel

Album #: 16

Recording Dates: 1998 – 1999

Release Date: 1999

Catalog: SMR12


I met Suneel at ITT Tech, and before long we began collaborating on music. Suneel’s industrial-tinged electronic music was a new genre to play with and I got busy slicing and dicing samples to layer on top of drum machine and sequenced beats. Most of the basic songs on this disc originated from Suneel – I pitched in on production, did most of the sampling, helped program drum beats, played some guitar, called in on the Space Phone, and in one case provided lyrics and vocals. I’m still good friends with Suneel, but our musical relationship primarily existed in this late-1990s time frame.





Three Track Sampler

Track 01  – Mosquitoes (MX Skroch & Suneel Viktor) – This is the heaviest track that Suneel and I put together, and it is one of my favorites. I hadn’t had a good reason to play some screaming guitar in quite some time, but this electro-rocker provided the opportunity.  [Scratch on Drum Programming, Guitar and Sample Manipulation / Suneel on Drum Programming, Keyboards and Vocals]

Track 02  – Doom (MX Skroch & Suneel Viktor) – This is one of Suneel’s epic tracks – and he plays all the music here. Doom is the first track where I played around with looping samples and saturating them with effects to add to the drama.  [Scratch on Sample Manipulation / Suneel on Drum Sequencing, Keyboards and Vocals]

Track 05  – Panic (MX Skroch & Suneel Viktor) – An unfinished track that does not yet feature vocals, musically I would describe this as claustrophobia with a good beat.  [Produced by Scratch / Suneel on Drum Sequencing, Keyboards and Guitar]