Sheep Fiends – Labor Day 2000

Album #: 29

Recording Dates: 09/03/2000

Release Date: 2000

Catalog: SF


Everyone who plays regularly with the Sheep Fiends has preferences in the types of music performed (improv, covers, the occasional Sheep Fiend composition), the length of the performances (30 minute jam or 4 minute song?) and other attributes. One of the critical pieces for me is the number of musicians present at a jam. I’ve found that tracks played by 4-6 Sheep Fiends often come out quite well. The Labor Day 2000 jam attracted an astounding 14 players…which made for an exciting live event but (to me) a rather garbled recording. Not one of my favorite Sheep Fiend albums, but definitely a jam for the SF record books!



One Track Sampler

Track 13 – I Don’t Want What You Got (Sheep Fiends)Holy Fucking Shit Man!  [Scratch on Sampling Keyboard]