Sheep Fiends – Rust Never Sheeps

Album #: 36

Recording Dates: 03/25/2001

Release Date: 2001

Catalog: SF


One of my top picks for early 2000’s era Sheep Fiends. Opening with the fantastic “Inside a Room Inside a Cave Inside the Moon” (music to be posted with Scratchrock XIV), this disc just features strong and inspired performances all around. I rage against the government and Burger King when not manning a bass or guitar on several soothing instrumentals.





Three Track Sampler

Track 02Just One Orbit Away (Sheep Fiends)I lead the charge on this smart and funky instrumental.  [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 03Death of a Taxpayer (Sheep Fiends)During this period of my life I was allowing right-wing talk radio to fill me with pointless rage. Well, maybe not so pointless as we have this audio diatribe as evidence of its effect upon me! Also this is possibly the fastest song ever captured on tape by the Fiends.  [Scratch on Vocals]

Track 06Frivolous Return (Sheep Fiends)So mellow – just the right mood to kick back after a long day of auditing the populace.  [Scratch on Bass]