Sheep Fiends – A Cosmic Unity

Album #: 44

Recording Dates: 05/12/2002

Release Date: 2002

Catalog: SF


Scott J. returns to an expanded lineup to record this celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Sheep Fiends. Featuring five different vocalists this album is varied stylistically. Ballads, anthems, hard rock, hard funk, hardadelia…songs about birth, family, work and the end of the world.





Two Track Sampler

Track 06Stay Away (Sheep Fiends) – A booming rhythm sort of anchors this loose and rollicking rocker.  [Scratch on Bass]

Track 08A Cosmic Unity (Sheep Fiends) – Can’t we all just get along? I mean cosmically? Here is a gripping narrative that questions the questions themselves. Emotive melodic guitars carry you along the laser rays pulsed out by the keyboards being phased through a gravity void. All the while you hold out hope that the essence of the universe will be saved. Believe in it. Trust it. Obey it.  [Scratch on Vocals]