Sheep Fiends – I’m So Confused

Album #: 51

Recording Dates: 11/20/2004 & 12/19/2004

Release Date: 2004

Catalog: SF


The Sheep Fiends found a new place to play and some new players right along with it. Brian C. moved into an artsy loft space near the lakefront and I continued my run of not showing up for much of the 2003-2004 era of the Sheep Fiends. Despite my inattention to the band this new combination of musicians is featured on several Sheep Fiend CDs.



One Track Sampler

Track 12 – Groundhog Mull (The Sheep Fiends) – With such a bizarre blues tale as this closing the album, the title “I’m So Confused” never seemed so appropriate. If you’ve never lived in the suburbs, let me take you there.  [Scratch on Vocals]