Sheep Fiends – Leftovers, Vol. 2

Album #: 60

Recording Dates: 2001-2002

Release Date: 2006

Catalog: SF


As I see over at “Leftovers is a CD series of fun tracks that almost got looked over. Enjoy!”. This version covers 2001 & 2002.











Two Track Sampler

Track 07 – Mannheim Sheeproller Pt. 1 (The Sheep Fiends) – A sort of jaunty, new age Doors inspired track. A somewhat reflective mood for the Sheep Fiends. But then I start slamming on that bass harder.  [Scratch on Bass]

Track 09Trash Rash (The Sheep Fiends) – After a short intro to set the mood, this evolves into a solid rocker. Tense keyboards stab at my hypnotic guitar line; as I holler about something that you can’t really hear well enough. I figure I’ve got a shot subliminally though.  [Scratch on Guitar & Vocals]