Sheep Fiends – Do it All Again

Album #: 71

Recording Dates: 06/28/2008

Release Date: 2008

Catalog: SF


This album catches a fascinating and dark jam from 2008. Fairly experimental groupings and genresploitation keep you guessing; while the ambiance is sparked by Faiz’s army of pedals dedicated to the cause. With our next release we begin the multi-track evolution of the Rumpus Room. And things would never be the same…because we never do the same thing twice…


Two Track Sampler

Track 01 – Ever Ever Still (The Sheep Fiends) – Certainly a bold choice for album opener. Is this really even a song? Or a meditative drone pierced by shrieks of discontent?  [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 11Wench’s Lake (The Sheep Fiends) – Lead mandolin sheds tears as tales of my mid-teenage years are quietly revealed.  [Scratch on Vocals, Acoustic Guitar & Giggle Stick]