Sheep Fiends – Fission Overlord

Album #: 73

Recording Dates: 2009

Release Date: 2010

Catalog: SF


This album primarily captures a freaky weird Sheep Fiends jam from October 2009. Hillbilly adjacent cover songs mesh with menacing instrumentals. Haunting laughter and oddly wrong pop songs. A strong start for a new decade of Sheep Fiends.

Three Track Sampler

Track 04 – Dread Reaper (Sheep Fiends) – Sounds like noise fusion… maybe? A duet of foul intention is conjured from nothing as Faiz and I twist knobs and scrape metal.  [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 06A Different Set of Rules (Sheep Fiends) – An EXPERIMENT blending ambient discussion with random music bits. We were all so passionate at the time, yet I don’t remember what about attribution I was so upset about in the first place. But what you really need to do is make a song out of it. Make a make a song out of it. [Scratch on Bass and Vocals]

Track 08 – Nevermind Now (Sheep Fiends) – About as garage as rock can sound when improvised in a basement.  [Scratch on Vocals]