Sheep Fiends – Farm Jam VI : Cicada Rising

Album #: 92

Recording Dates: May 2016

Release Date: 2017

Catalog: SF


You know the story by now. It’s Farm Jam! For a sixth consecutive year we braved the horrors of Ohio in quest of Pennsylvania solitude. Well, solitude with access to ice cream and Budweiser. Tracks are less about the drive and farm this time around, and I in particular found myself mired in self-reflection. So that’s your warning. And yes the cicadas showed up en force…

Five Track Sampler

Track 03 – Hoosier (Sheep Fiends) – A fictionalized (mostly) account of my actual upbringing in the state of Indiana. My downhome lyrical content is uniquely accompanied by a belching bass line and a heap of drooling slide guitar; eventually joined by a particularly aggressive staccato keyboard.  [Scratch on Vocals]

Track 06 – Random Words (Sheep Fiends) – You can sing about some girl, or you can sing about some place, but sometimes you want to sing about what you happen to be singing right now. A spacy dirge that explores the outlook of improvisational freedom.  [Scratch on Vocals]

Track 11 – The Flyswatter (Sheep Fiends) – This little instrumental travels to so many new places. Live from the freaking garage!  [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 13 – Shards of My Psyche (Sheep Fiends) – Heaving and dissonant this is some darker version of Sheep Fiends. A speedy drumbeat provides the backing for all manner of scraping and grinding. [Scratch on Vocals]

Track 15 – Knocked Over (Sheep Fiends) – Another curious bassline from the farm. A profound retelling of recent domestic monetary policy, with a jagged post-punk swagger. Where else can you source material like this?  [Scratch on Guitar]

listen to Farm Jam VI: Cicada Rising at Bandcamp here