Sheep Fiends – Keep Your Kool

Album #: 97

Recording Dates: 2016 – 2018

Release Date: 2019

Catalog: SF


Keep Your Kool is another strong collection of improvisational songs from the Café Royd studio. Nerves are on tap as tales of circus tragedy, primate boxing, insomnia, landlords and so much more haunt this fun set of tracks.

Three Track Sampler

Track 01 – Circus Girl (Sheep Fiends) – This is one of my overall favorite songs by the Sheep Fiends. Sometimes everyone matches the same crazed energy and something amazing comes out. A spooky ambience is laid down then sliced open by a thrilling small town tale and heaps of reckless lead guitar.  [Scratch on Guitar & Backing Vocals]

Track 04 – Love Squad (Sheep Fiends) – Just another tale of your friend’s lonely Mom drinking too much and propositioning you and the unexpected consequences and moral lessons that follow.  [Scratch on Vocals]

Track 12 – Orangutan (Sheep Fiends) – Supposedly a true story. That’s what a guy at the farm claims. It’s hard to believe really but there is footage of this man wrestling a bear in a boxing ring so perhaps I need to expand my expectations of what humanity is capable of. Anyway this ode to idiocy and machismo is confidently explained by Mark with me playing the role of the title character when the occasion demands.  [Scratch on Guitar & Backing Vocals & Samples]

listen to “Keep Your Kool” at Bandcamp here