The Scratchrock Collection

In 1999 the Skroch family procured what was at the time a high end computer (400Mhz Pentium II, 128Mb of RAM, 13Gb hard drive, and a Zip drive for the low low price of $2600!). This was the dawning age of the CD burning revolution, and we set to work on digitizing my large collection of master tapes, DATs, field recordings, and practice tapes.

These materials would form the basis of the Scratchrock Collection – a chronological discography meant to amuse and confound. As of this posting there are 14 volumes of Scratchrock chronicling the years 1986-2004. Scratchrock 15 is in queue but the right collection of songs has yet to be nailed down.

Our story begins with the first several installments of this historical sound archive.

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