Sheep Fiends – April Thunder

Album #: 25

Recording Dates: 04/16/2000

Release Date: 2000

Catalog: SF


One of my favorite jams from this era of the Fiends. Many different vocalists create multiple moods upon a multitude of orchestrations with topics ranging from the stock market to time travel to dirty nasty filthy love.



Five Track Sampler

Track 01 –Increased Volatility (Sheep Fiends)Step closer to the edge of madness. Anguished vocals and grinding guitars warp into full-on heavy metal – Sheep Fiend style!    [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 03 – Still Moving (Sheep Fiends)A Greg W. Groove Drenched Love Jam.  [Scratch on Crunchy Heavy Metal Guitar]

Track 06 – NASDAQ (Sheep Fiends) There is despair brought on by love, and there is despair that is brought on by your portfolio. NASDAQ tells the tale of one man’s speculations gone wrong.   [Scratch on Vocals and Bass]

Track 09 Innocence Inside (Sheep Fiends)Melodic and sorrowful, this doomy power ballad emotes the story of yet another broken man.   [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 11 Gonna Rock Ya (Like a Man)But for every beaten man, one must rise up from the ashes with a singular mission… to… rock…   [Scratch on Vocals and Guitar]