Sheep Fiends – THE 3 FIENDS

Album #: 26

Recording Dates: 05/21/2000

Release Date: 2000

Catalog: SF


One Fiend, Two Fiends, Three Fiends, Four…no… just 3 FIENDS! This rare assemblage of a three piece ensemble is far from uniformly successful, but does offer some very unique moments and approaches to sound (and a classic Sheep Fiends album cover!).



Three Track Sampler

Track 03 – Big Ant in the Middle of the Night (Sheep Fiends)One of the few tracks featuring vocals on this CD, “Big Ant” exposes secret late night Pringles-induced thoughts of terror in my horrifying Chicago apartment.  [Scratch on Vocals and Bass]

Track 07  – The Human Mouth (Sheep Fiends) All sounds recorded live, but some afterjam looping and effects are also on tap here. A bit of Musique Concrete for the senses.  [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 11 Revenge of the Phantom (Sheep Fiends)It’s just damn funny – my pathetic drum playing can’t obscure that!  [Scratch on Drums]