Scratchrock: An Abridged Testimonial (2CD set)

Album #: 27

Recording Dates: 1986-1999

Release Date: 2000

Catalog: SMR16


What you are holding is a testimony. It is a memory. It is an egocentric creation prepared especially for your indulgence.

Eleven incarnations,

Forty-three manifestations,

Fourteen years of praise.

Twelve compact discs capture the complete tale in words, song, and imagery. You are in possession of a musical Cliffs Notes. Not so much “greatest hits” as “unique sounds” and “interesting experiences”. I don’t sing very well, so do not bother pointing it out – I am aware. Recordings range from defective boombox to 16 track studio (they each have special qualities). Some tracks were rehearsed to death, others are improvisation. Some lyrics are heartfelt expression, and others are just plain goofy. Let’s just call it a collection of frequencies to bounce off your eardrums in your spare time.

This all began in 1986. My first instrument was the $99 guitar/amp combo from Service Merchandise. I moved on to the Flying V. Then there was the anarchic battle of the bands appearance with the No-Name Band, and the Modulated Casio vs. Acoustic Guitar duels with Brian P. Shortly thereafter came the on again/off again power trio called the Raging Bellybuttons. Brain Plug followed. Solo work was recorded and then I joined IMF. We broke up and came back from the grave as the Hidden. More experimental pieces were actualized; and brief encounters with Redneck Exorcist (not featured on this collection), the Unnamed Band, and the future Mrs. Skroch materialized. Finally, the current projects – improvisational sounds with the Sheep Fiends and the beats with Suneel.

What else can we say? Take a listen. Repeat. Don’t give up too soon, a testimony is a subtly multilayered beast. Give in to it.






No Track Sampler

Please refer to the individual volumes of Scratchrock for audio samples of this material.