Sheep Fiends – People Are Nice

Album #: 39

Recording Dates: 10/14/2001

Release Date: 2001

Catalog: SF


Lyrically a strong album for this era, People Are Nice is brought down by some very loud (and often contrasting) flute playing. In today’s world of multitrack that would be pushed way down in the mix, but in 2001 you got what you got. This was our first jam after 9/11 and some improvised vocals tackled the subject – from the sins of an amped up media to my changing perception of the sky. And time. You can’t change time.





Three Track Sampler

Track 04Linear Phenomenon (Sheep Fiends)And I quote: “We don’t want to think of time as a linear phenomenon because that puts the focus on the fact that we can never go back – clean up our mess. Every moment is ticking towards our deaths because time is a linear phenomenon.” Whoa. Heavy.  [Scratch on Vocals and Bass]

Track 08Planes of Death (Sheep Fiends)My reflections on the world one month after 9/11 – over a hypnotic bass line and some scratchy shrieking guitars.  [Scratch on Vocals and Bass]

Track 11The Egg Yolk (Sheep Fiends)Let’s change the mood a bit. It’s time to generate lists of tasty vittles.  [Scratch on Bass]