Sheep Fiends – Take Me Down

Album #: 40

Recording Dates: 11/18/2001

Release Date: 2001

Catalog: SF


A dark undertone permeates this album. Several tracks offer up very raw lyrics about a disintegrating relationship, and even my interstellar dance epic ultimately results in suffocation and emptiness. The addition of Scott J. to the fairly steady lineup of this era adds a visceral edge to the music itself.





Three Track Sampler

Track 07Disco on Saturn [part one] and also Disco on Saturn [part two] (Sheep Fiends) – Have you ever pondered what will happen to civilization when our planet is finally absorbed into a black hole? Yeah, me too. Here’s a song about it in two parts…  [Scratch on Vocals]

Track 13Easy to Hate You (Sheep Fiends)They say time heals all wounds. This song reminds us that time can also create the terrible wounds that need healing.  [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 14Introducing the Impatients (Sheep Fiends)As so often happens, the first few seconds of sound check suddenly launch into the first jam of the day. Great for musicians eager to play if often detrimental to the quality of the final recording. Luckily in this case the initial mix is clear and powerful.  [Scratch on Bass]