Sheep Fiends – Electronic

Album #: 41

Recording Dates: 1999

Release Date: 2001

Catalog: SF


In 2001 Brian C. put together a nice six disc compilation of the Sheep Fiends first eight years or so of recordings; delineated by breaking the songs into specific genres. In addition to utilizing songs from previous Sheep Fiend albums these CDs also included some unreleased material. Both new tracks I appear on from “Electronic” were recorded during the Spring of 1999.







Two Track Sampler

Track 02Waves (Sheep Fiends) – It’s just so swirling…and wet sounding. Like waves!  [Scratch on Keyboards]

Track 10 Victory Riot (Sheep Fiends)This rather harrowing journey into fear and madness was recorded on my Walkman live at Section X. Crazy man, crazy.  [Scratch on Sampling Keyboard]