Sheep Fiends – Rock

Album #: 42

Recording Dates: 1998-1999

Release Date: 2001

Catalog: SF


As should be obvious, this Sheep Fiend release from the “genre six pack” features more rock oriented tracks – including a freshly unearthed recording from my very first Sheep Fiend jam.







Two Track Sampler

Track 02Fifth Birthday (Sheep Fiends) – Not the most mind blowing improvisation, but this was recorded at my very first Sheep Fiends get together on November 15th, 1998. And there’s no denying this one is ROCK!  [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 12Pix (Sheep Fiends) – Another instrumental from the largely experimental and keyboard heavy 1999 sessions. Swirling electronic rock is the order of the day.  [Scratch on Casio SK-100]