Sheep Fiends – The Poker Night String Band

Album #: 55

Recording Dates: 2005

Release Date: 2005

Catalog: SF


For quite a while an acoustic sub-grouping of the Sheep Fiends had been playing Americana standards and the odd cover track. Mark A, Matt C, and Matty formed this nexus of this more traditional style band. I joined in for a few jams at Mark’s apartment that we happened to record (two tracks from which are featured below). This was great time, and created a very distinct vibe from the sounds of the larger more eclectic Sheep Fiends.

Two Track Sampler

Track 03 – St. James Infirmary (The Poker Night String Band) – Mandolin anchors this bouncy track made famous by Louis Armstrong. Rather than the typical straight improvisation of a Sheep Fiends performance we were following some chords. But having never heard the song in my life I think my background electric guitar works on this.  [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 16Just What I Needed (The Poker Night String Band) – Deep in Appalachia one can hear the righteous gospel of our divine Ric Ocasek and his handpicked family The Cars. Presenting a spirited acoustic rendition of this classic rock track.  [Scratch on Vocals]