Sheep Fiends – Right or Wrong

Album #: 56

Recording Dates: 04/22/2006

Release Date: 2006

Catalog: SF


Another crazed Rumpus Room gathering from 2006. This is certainly more challenging than many CDs by the band (and that’s saying something) as the mixes for large group performances are pretty disappointing… but art never promised to be pretty…


Two Track Sampler

Track 01 – Going Backwards (The Sheep Fiends) – The mixes on this CD can get a bit harsh, but sometimes the strangeness of it all works – like the unplanned bass solo freakout this song dissolves into for a minute.  [Scratch on Bass]

Track 07Nature of Insurgency (The Sheep Fiends) – Just Brian M. on improvised rhythm guitar/vocals and myself trying to put the urgency in insurgency on lead guitar.  [Scratch on Guitar]