Sheep Fiends – Unacceptable Urges

Album #: 58

Recording Dates: 06/10/2006

Release Date: 2006

Catalog: SF


From the sound of things 2006 was a very abstract year for me. This release suffers from similar mix issues as the April jam CD, but a smaller lineup makes the opportunity for coherence slightly better. Consider this a full length selection of deep cuts.


Two Track Sampler

Track 06 – Don’t Stick Your Head In a Beehive (The Sheep Fiends) – This is quite ridiculous. Something about squirrels and going to hell. About mice in my garage and bugs on the wall. Oh, and the bologna dog. And yet it sounds nothing like you were expecting.  [Scratch on Vocals]

Track 09Shitzadoodle (The Sheep Fiends) – Is it science? Or is it just fatalism? Regardless, there’s a little of it in all of us.  [Scratch on Vocals]