Sheep Fiends – American Sweetheart

Album #: 75

Recording Dates: 01/23/2010

Release Date: 2010

Catalog: SF


This is a pretty strong jam CD from 2010. We’d grown comfortable with the Rumpus Room studio and felt free to create without stress. Several dirges anchor this heavy record while the topics of outer space isolation, obsessive collecting, the American Dream and nightmares of spiders unfold languidly. And that’s before the remixing starts…

Three Track Sampler

Track 01 – Cowgirl in the Sand (Sheep Fiends) – A completely unrehearsed but surprisingly unique cover of the Neil Young song. I’d been learning it for a week or so and found some solid accompaniment when strumming it out in the vocal booth one day.  [Scratch on Acoustic Guitar & Vocals]

Track 06 – Melancholy (Sheep Fiends) – Ten years later this title holds. A slow gloomy journey into hopelessness? Or maybe that’s just what I get from this nontypical ambient track. It seems the aliens have taken hold by the time we reach the end.  [Scratch on Bass & Guitar]

Track 12 – Very Avant-Garde (Sheep Fiends) – So what happened was when transferring some audio files of us jamming something went very wrong. Clean guitar became shrieking feedback. So I copied the screwed up guitar track and overlaid vocals from other sections over it to make a song. Then I fleshed it out with people talking. What else could I have done?  [Scratch on Guitar & Vocals]