Sheep Fiends – Farm Jam III

Album #: 84

Recording Dates: Memorial Day Weekend 2013

Release Date: 2014

Catalog: SF


Ah yes, the COLD Farm Jam! The drummer was able to drum with gloves, and the big headphones protected our ears (from the cold at least). Fingers however were forced to fight back against the tyranny of a late Spring cold snap. No doubt beer helped the singer find his inner warmth.

Despite the layering we had a very productive weekend and produced a solid double CD of material. Five singers bare their souls and a significant number of whacked out instrumentals also burst forth. Critical topics are addressed including driving to the farm; playing frisbee, and that place we get ice cream. We can change the world, man!

Five Track Sampler

Disc 01, Track 02 – Smelling Gary Tonight (Sheep Fiends) – Sure it sounds wrong. But it should! This is a full-on blistering ode to the odor.  [Scratch on Vocals and Guitar]

Disc 01, Track 03 – Sleeping With the Cicadas (Sheep Fiends– This one is a creepy synth driven instrumental. You are awakening from your seventeen year slumber, get on down. But bring a coat.  [Scratch on Guitar]

Disc 01, Track 07 – Down in the Crypt (Sheep Fiends) – A song about the afterlife that really doesn’t do much to promote the afterlife. But if the love hasn’t died have you truly been lost?  [Scratch on Vocals]

Disc 01, Track 11 – Forging Frozen Fingers (Sheep Fiends) – Just a lot of guitar playing really. It was very cold out as we set up on Friday night, and we captured this while setting up the sound system.  [Scratch on Guitar]

Disc 02, Track 07  Walking ‘Round Cabrini Green (Sheep Fiends) – Such a great riff to come out of thin air. Matt recounts a hard day’s walking while we play some kind of jazz rock upbeat reggae thing until the crunching takes over.  [Scratch on Guitar]