Scratchrock Volume IV

Album #: 04

Recording Dates: 1990

Release Date: 1999

Catalog: SMR04


During the first Brain Plug rehearsal, the band was already tight.  The musical rapport between Joe G., Brian L. and myself had always existed. It was now being realized. In a few hours nearly all of the most progressive Raging Bellybuttons material was mastered, and raw ideas were turning into brand new songs.  A few practices in, Brain Plug would bring in former Raging Bellybuttons crooner Matt J., but a misunderstanding quickly ruined the relationship.  Whether playing in a cushy suburban basement or an impersonal storage garage, Brain Plug would go for two hours straight and still want more.  We had over 30 songs arranged in eight or nine months.  It was a spirited cycle in my evolution as a musician, and it was a lot of fun.




Five Track Sampler

Track 02  – What’s Your Real Name? (Brain Plug) – A jazzy little instrumental for your dinner party. [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 09 – Baby Doll (Brain Plug) – Brain Plug ups the speed on this old Raging Bellybuttons yarn. [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 11 – Iron Man (Brain Plug) – Our rendition of the Black Sabbath classic. [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 16 – I Against I (Brain Plug) – Mix a healthy obsession with the Bad Brains and chronic Mountain Dew addiction and listen to the result. [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 19 – Metal Song [8 minute edit] (Brain Plug) – It seems like every band I’ve ever been involved with ends up with at least one giant epic jam that allows the band to stretch out sylistically – for Brain Plug Metal Song is that track. [Scratch on Guitar]