Scratchrock Volume V

Album #: 05

Recording Dates: 1990

Release Date: 1999

Catalog: SMR05


The name Brain Plug came into play on July 4th, 1990.  The band was at a huge party with fireworks exploding.  We were talking to a drunk girl who told us, “I always thought Brain Plug would be a great name for a band.”  Minutes later, we paid our tribute.

Like some old cliched tale about the crossroads, Brain Plug’s amazing musical cohesion and personal joy had its price.  Two actually.  First there was the insane choice of Justice L. as vocalist.  Despite bringing competent graffiti-style art to the mix, a compelling front man he was not.  The final blow to Brain Plug was the loss of our rehearsal space.  Before the end, Brain Plug had managed to play just two gigs, at Wrigleyside & Club Dreamerz.




Five Track Sampler

Track 03 – Fast Song (MX Skroch) – As soon as I acquired a drum machine I went right for simulated double bass drums. This was one of my first experiments. [Scratch on All Instruments]

Track 07 – Theme of the Bellybutton / Societal Rift (Brain Plug) – A blasting dose of energy that highlights many of Brain Plug’s strengths – propulsive rhythms, funky guitar scratching, ripping bass and guitar solos, and (erm) often overly long arrangements. [Scratch on Guitar]

Track  13 – Meathead (Brain Plug) – Slow buildups lead to a barrage of mad drumming. [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 14 – The Nile Song (Brain Plug) – Set your delay pedal to 11 and listen to Brain Plug take on this Pink Floyd classic. Vocals by late era frontman Justice. [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 16 – Biker Gang [remix] (Brain Plug) – A re-imagining of the Bellybutton classic featured back on Scratchrock Vol. III. Thrashing tempos make way for Wah-wah drenched funk riffs. [Scratch on Guitar]