Sheep Fiends – Numerolostrology

Album #:

Recording Dates: 9/11/2010

Release Date: 2011

Catalog: SF


This CD captures what happened one Sunday on the ninth anniversary of 9/11 somewhere in Chicago. Faiz continues bringing compelling audio confusion to the party and we ended up playing with a fellow from Brazil who came by as well. It’s quite a varied collection of improvisation considering the same nine guys came up with all this in a three hour period.

Three Track Sampler

Track 03 – They Say (Sheep Fiends) – A slow lurching groove with guitar that sounds like a dying spaceship sets the tone while I croon a vaguely political tale about how only my side has the best ideas.  [Scratch on Vocals]

Track 10 – The Fucking Drum Machine (Sheep Fiends) – Listening through the raw tapes trying to find useful material can be drudgery. But sometimes you notice several comments about the prevalence of a drum machine…and you get an idea. This track grabs many such moments that happen on the side, and layers over said drum machine to bring the listener INTO the emotion.  [Scratch on Vocals ]

Track 06 – Slingin’ the Beans (Sheep Fiends) – Here’s a mellow little two man improvisation with Matt providing exposition on the status of his gut and what should go into it…right now. Matt strums the acoustic and I do some lead accompaniment in an attempt to bring flavor to life.  [Scratch on Guitar]