Sheep Fiends – Farm Jam

Album #:

Recording Dates: Memorial Day Weekend, 2011

Release Date: 2012

Catalog: SF


This two CD set captures the original Farm Jam experiment which by all accounts was a resounding success. Hell you can even watch “Farm Jam -The Movie” if you are so inclined!

Brian M. floated a crazy idea about a bunch of us driving eight hours to spend three days on a farm in Pennsylvania with no internet or cell service. But there would be a garage in which to set up amps, plenty of tasty food and all the late night noise we wanted to make. The very first Farm Jam had five Sheep Fiends in attendance as well as one of Brian’s friends and is captured here. Five sample tracks are available below the artwork.

The Farm Jam concept really took off and kept happening every Summer for nine years. Farm Jam X was on the schedule but was postponed by the spread of COVID-19. Next year friends…next year.

Five Track Sampler

Disc 01, Track 03 – First Time (Sheep Fiends) – We set up all the gear for the first time in the garage at the Farm, and this dark funky jam was pretty much the initial soundcheck. And I proceed to begin a tradition of songs about the arduous journey Eastward. And yes, I also launch my first volley at America’s worst state – Ohio.  [Scratch on Guitar & Vocals]

Disc 01, Track 13 – The Promises Will Tuck You In (Sheep Fiends) – Chimes ring inside your dreams, but “don’t be scared and don’t be alarmed now”. We are here for reassurance. It’s a somewhat beautiful epic journey that morphs into a power ballad.  [Scratch on Guitar & Vocals]

Disc 02, Track 01 – Fing-er Numb-er (Sheep Fiends) – An inspired angularity propels this bouncy number. There’s only one true numb-er as far as I’m concerned.  [Scratch on Vocals]

Disc 02, Track 07 – Long Hikes and Heavy Breathing (Sheep Fiends) – Some kind of Chicago aggro-rock with a shrieking jungle bursting from the keyboard. Just another hot, hot day down on the farm.  [Scratch on Bass]

Disc 02, Track 15 – The End of the Farm Jam (Sheep Fiends) – Complimenting our opening track; this is the final music recorded at the inaugural Farm Jam. A crazed southern rock boogie vibrates the room and I share my recollections of our antics as I officially announce the End of the Farm Jam. [Scratch on Guitar & Vocals]