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Rooster Davis Trio – The Rooster Davis Trio

December 28th, 2020

Album #:

Recording Dates: 2011

Release Date: 2011

Catalog: Bandcamp release


The Rooster Davis Trio accidentally came together over the course of 2011. Faiz moved into Brian’s building and soon learned about the Sheep Fiends that lurked in the basement. The two of them recorded some jams and began doing a bit of overdubbing. I was then given free reign to add whatever obtuse sounds needed to be added.

The Rooster Davis Trio also played live as a three piece just a few times. Some really unique tracks came out of this ultimately short-lived project. Or is this just year ten of the hiatus?

Three Track Sampler

Track 01 – Distant Bells (Rooster Davis Trio) – One of my favorite recordings I’ve been a part of over the past decade. Both gripping and haunting this track bursts into violence when you least expect it. The tension is maintained as it warps between one idea and the next. Live guitar & drums by Faiz & Brian; overdubbed bass by Brian, and my overdubbed bass and guitar as a final step. [Scratch on Bass & Guitar (overdubs)]

Track 03 – Droplets in a Downpour (Rooster Davis Trio) – Kind of a crazed guitar battle – in opposing directions. A live jam where we set our effects pedals free, man.  [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 05 – Ohioasis (Rooster Davis Trio) – The Hen is pecking at you now. If you were not handcuffed in the Ohio wasteland perhaps you could find relief. But the Ohioasis is just an illusion.  [Scratch on Guitar]

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