Sheep Fiends – The Seventeenths

Album #:

Recording Dates: 2011-2012

Release Date: 2012

Catalog: SF


Recorded at two jams exactly six months apart on the 17ths, this CD overall has a heavier, darker sound. Perhaps it’s just more dense. You get five different vocalists across fourteen total tracks. Sample tracks from three singers are featured below, as well as an appearance of my all-too-rare bass playing. This is open concept, freeform Sheep Fiends for the new decade.

Three Track Sampler

Track 04 – The Grim Reaper is the Grave Digger (Sheep Fiends) – A meditation on the role of death in one’s outlook for the future. Commercialism at its worst. But it’s a pretty, slow groovy jam that dissolves into the gloom.  [Scratch on Vocals & Clapping]

Track 05 – Rock & Roll Land (Sheep Fiends) – Nothing slow about this pounding rocker. Brian runs Reason and Aaron modulates infinity while I slide in some lead melody as Brian M. builds upon his sermon. You should come on by – it’s all up to you.  [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 09 – SidSense (Sheep Fiends) – Yea there’s some heavy Butthole Surfers influence right here. Delay keeps sending you back but the bass locks you in again. Have you met the ancient peoples? They are calling out to you.  [Scratch on Bass]