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Sheep Fiends – Farm Jam II

February 15th, 2021

Album #: 81

Recording Dates: Memorial Day Weekend, 2012

Release Date: 2013

Catalog: SF


Back for a second, more steamy Farm Jam! This time Faiz doesn’t make the journey but both Mark and Aaron take their first trip. It’s hot and kind of miserable, but the garage is filled with riffs as it was destined to be.

Aaron takes over noise guitar duties this year and adds more keys, while Mark’s mandolin adds distinctive texture to the tracks. The spooky Casio digital guitar I got in the 90’s makes a suspenseful surprise appearance.

Five Track Sampler

Disc 01, Track 07 – SuperDuperDragonFly (Sheep Fiends) – A song about the journey East. A few liberties with the truth perhaps, but all in the service of promoting caution.  [Scratch on Vocals]

Disc 01, Track 08 – The Hell With Church (Sheep Fiends) – A vicious instrumental recorded early on Sunday. Mark’s infectious bassline inspires all sorts of accompanying infernal guitar madness.  [Scratch on Guitar]

Disc 01, Track 12 – The Haunted Garage (Sheep Fiends) – It’s a very small house and not a very large garage either. But the spirits that never leave seem not bothered by the lack of spacious living. The spookier side of the Sheep Fiends.  [Scratch on Casio DG-1]

Disc 02, Track 04 – Bicentennial Paprika (Sheep Fiends) – Sometimes you’ve got to let the Chef speak his mind. Is his mind on the kitchen? Damn straight! Problems abound with a crunchy rock taste and a stale nostalgia. A standout track one part each trippy, heavy and passionate. [Scratch on Guitar]

Disc 02, Track 07 – In the Middle (Sheep Fiends) – Clearly a commentary on something or other having to do with the human condition. But why such lurching glurpy music? Oatmeal pie double mint chocolate chip surprise, indeed! [Scratch on Vocals]

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