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Sheep Fiends – The Superbowl of Rock

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Album #: 24

Recording Dates: 2000

Release Date: 2000

Catalog: SF


The Sheep Fiends have no problem putting together a large ensemble on a day when men across America choose to drink beer and watch jocks in tights fall down. No tights, but plenty of beer fuels this noise drenched and off kilter session.



Two Track Sampler

Track 06 – Second Quarter: Advance & Retreat (Sheep Fiends)Angular and cryptic grooves propel this illustration of an typical American Sunday morning.   [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 10 – Peece (Sheep Fiends)A sweeping lullaby that finds the listener transported via cosmic rays to the mothersheep .  [Scratch on Wacky Guitar]

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Album #: 23

Recording Dates: 1987-1997

Release Date: 2000

Catalog: SMR15


My pal Joe G. was the first musician I ever wrote music with. This is a compilation I put together featuring all four configurations in which he and I played as well as most of the solo material Joe recorded over a ten year period.



Two Track Sampler

Track 10 – Blah (Joe G and MX Skroch)Joe lets the ladies know that he’s serious in his devotion…ridiculously so…  [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 13 – Headwound (Joe G and MX Skroch)Music performed and lyrics by Joe, questionable singing by MX Skroch.  [Scratch on Vocals]