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The Dentists – Duets

February 15th, 2015 Comments off

Album #: 47

Recording Dates: 2001-2002

Release Date: 2002

Catalog: SMR20


Here is the second of only two releases featuring the Dentists. Looking at the front cover it’s easy to question if it was “released”, but we have it for you here today. Lots of funny or groan-worthy cover songs, many of which performed by just two members of this short lived trio (typically myself and Dave L). Also plenty of rock improvisation – frequently sloppy but always played with authority!



Three Track Sampler

Track 04Where are Two Hursts? (The Dentists) – Just Dave L and I killing some time with our delay pedals. Full disclosure: the Hursts’ never arrived.  [Scratch on Vocals and Bass]

Track 07Reggae Jam (The Dentists) – Dave’s on guitar and I’m on bass for this tropical exploration.  [Scratch on Bass]

Track 08Get Back to the Wonderful World (The Dentists) – The Dentists special brand of cover song ridiculousness condensed down into some sort of two minute classic rock outro tribute. Weird!  [Scratch on Bass]

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Sheep Fiends – TimeStrands

February 14th, 2015 Comments off

Album #: 46

Recording Dates: 08/10/1999

Release Date: 2002

Catalog: SF


Another compilation arising from Brian C’s deep dive into unreleased Sheep Fiends material. This album puts together some very different sounds from several eras but I’m only featured on a few tracks of dark melodrama and one about dinner. The best of these tracks is available below.





One Track Sampler

Track 01Fear is Real (Sheep Fiends) – A brooding and sometimes raging stomper featuring the always engaging improvised lyrics and vocals of Brian M. [Scratch on Casio SK-100]

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