Month: December 2012

Sheep Fiends – Rust Never Sheeps

Album #: 36 Recording Dates: 03/25/2001 Release Date: 2001 Catalog: SF ScratchNotes: One of my top picks for early 2000’s era Sheep Fiends. Opening with the fantastic “Inside a Room Inside a Cave Inside the Moon” (music to be posted with Scratchrock XIV), this disc just features strong and inspired performances all around. I rage …

Sheep Fiends – Murder the Classics

Album #: 35 Recording Dates: 2000-2001 Release Date: 2001 Catalog: SF ScratchNotes: While the Sheep Fiends were born of a desire to create the sounds of the moment, sometimes that creativity would lag and cover songs would be recorded. Rarely faithful to their originals, the Fiends always ended up with something quite unique…if often challenging …

Sheep Fiends – Churn of the Century

Album #: 34 Recording Dates: 01/21/2001 Release Date: 2001 Catalog: SF ScratchNotes: This album captures a rather noisy and chaotic jam from January 2001. ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ One Track Sampler Track 06 – Bananas Foster Avenue (Sheep Fiends) – Now with extra delay pedal on top – this week only!  [Scratch on Guitar]