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Raging Bellybuttons – Basement Hymns (1987-1990)

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Album #: 72

Recording Dates: 1987-1990

Release Date: 2009

Catalog: SMR30


Raging Bellybuttons were three long-haired guys who became friends at Libertyville High School. Each of us eager to push ourselves musically we plugged into a huge PA in Ken’s basement and recorded what raged out. The warmth of the wood paneling contrasted with the sarcastic bent of the lyrics, and we wrote songs almost as quickly as we played them.

While the guitar, bass, and drum duties were clearly identified the task of vocals was a bit of a wild card. Joe and I both stepped up and did the best we could. It’s certainly enthusiastic. Songs veered from punk to metal to funky to reggae to 12-bar-blues – we didn’t master any of these genres but visited as many as we could.

This collection features remastered versions of practice tapes, audio and images from VHS tapes and the odd experiment as well. All the Raging Bellybuttons standards are present – You’ve got Fight of the Bellybutton, Rubber Lover, Biker Gang…even New Bass Strings!

After rocking until 6pm three days a week for a few years the Bellybuttons ceased to rage. But this collection never does.






__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Five Track Sampler

Disc 01 – Track 04 – Theme of the Bellybutton – Flight of the Bellybutton (Raging Bellybuttons) – What respectable young band does NOT write their own theme song? An intro of sorts really for the blunt proclamations of Flight of the Bellybutton. You. Can’t. Hide.  [Scratch on Guitar & Backing Vocals]

Disc 01 – Track 06 – Speak of the Bellybutton 1 (Raging Bellybuttons) – Here I let you inside the minds of a young band in development. It’s not always pretty. Since we were serious about recording everything that went into a post-school day rehearsal, we can now listen in.  [Scratch on Talking]

Disc 01 – Track 08 – Soundgarden Song (Raging Bellybuttons) – No, not a cover of a Soundgarden song. A song that reminded us of Soundgarden. This extended freakout jam often lasted 10 minutes, and I showed no mercy to my effects pedals as I force out every shriek, scrape, and swoosh hidden there. There were no set lyrics, so I improvised vocals each time we launched into this. This version of the song brings together some of my favorite performances in one warped eleven minute package.  [Scratch on Vocals & Guitar]

Disc 02 – Track 02 – Societal Rift (Raging Bellybuttons) – Finally we hear the funky side of Raging Bellybuttons! Yes, it is possible to turn a distortion pedal “off”. We bring the boogie in our own special way but still get in one of my crazy ass guitar solos as well as a ripping bass solo.  [Scratch on Guitar]

Disc 02 – Track 18 – Chronic Halitosis (Raging Bellybuttons) – About as straight metal as the Bellybuttons got. It’s still a powerful riff, even if 32 years later we still don’t have those lyrics.  [Scratch on Guitar]

Sheep Fiends – Do it All Again

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Album #: 71

Recording Dates: 06/28/2008

Release Date: 2008

Catalog: SF


This album catches a fascinating and dark jam from 2008. Fairly experimental groupings and genresploitation keep you guessing; while the ambiance is sparked by Faiz’s army of pedals dedicated to the cause. With our next release we begin the multi-track evolution of the Rumpus Room. And things would never be the same…because we never do the same thing twice…


Two Track Sampler

Track 01 – Ever Ever Still (The Sheep Fiends) – Certainly a bold choice for album opener. Is this really even a song? Or a meditative drone pierced by shrieks of discontent?  [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 11Wench’s Lake (The Sheep Fiends) – Lead mandolin sheds tears as tales of my mid-teenage years are quietly revealed.  [Scratch on Vocals, Acoustic Guitar & Giggle Stick]

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Sheep Fiends – Leftovers, Vol. 4

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Album #: 70

Recording Dates: 8/10/1999

Release Date: 2008

Catalog: SF


Another entry in Brian’s series of musical unearthings. His cassette extraction execution. I only play on one track from 1999 here, and the recording is a bit rough to post here.













No Track Sampler



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