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MX Skroch & Redneck Exorcist – Live 1995

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Album #: 83

Recording Dates: 1995

Release Date: 2013

Catalog: SMR32


We got together just a few times in late 1995 – drinking, jamming, and recording. Some of this is MX Skroch accompanying Redneck originals. Some of this is just pure improvisation. In early 1996 I joined Redneck onstage at the Double Door in Chicago to play “Space Invaders” and a few others. No one recorded that. But hey, there’s two photos from the show!

Three Track Sampler

Track 01 – Space Invaders (MX Skroch & Redneck Exorcist) – A freaking noise rock epic for your soused soul. A loose framework of a song that allows for some intense delay pedal battles, and philosophizin’ about the end of humanity.  [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 04 – Ram Tough (MX Skroch & Redneck Exorcist) – A dark psychological evaluation of the less fortunate (and proud). Does inbreeding always lead to higher Dodge sales? I take the form of protagonist and make it all up as I tell you what’s what.  [Scratch on Vocals]

Track 11 – I’ll Seize You (MX Skroch & Redneck Exorcist) – I believe this is just some improv from Redneck’s practice spot. A bit of melodic inspiration rears its head as Cary’s menacing threats keep you on edge.  [Scratch on Guitar]

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Sheep Fiends – Slow Down the Future

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Album #: 82

Recording Dates: 1999

Release Date: 2013

Catalog: SF


Brian Cameron lent me seven tapes recorded between 5/4/1999 and 8/15/1999. Brian moved to San Francisco right around this time, and these tapes never really got much attention. From these tapes I edited, produced and named ten brand new Sheep Fiends tracks, as well as recapturing alternate versions of “The Intrusive Cabbie” and “Waves” which had been released before. Mr. Cameron handled production duties on “Valley of Dark”. I also produced a kind of spoken word track from the sole 1998 tape that I had been provided. This mostly instrumental collection captures a fairly aggressive version of the band as we approached the 21st Century.

Three Track Sampler

Track 03 – Follow the Signs (Sheep Fiends) – Space jazz with a Latin flair? Whatever it is… it is funky and heavy and pulsing with purpose. An analog journey into your inner meaning. A fantastic find from our lost 1999 tapes.  [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 09 – Time Tunnel (Sheep Fiends) – Hip-hop drums join the swirling auditory event. Scratched grooves and sickened guitars yearning for help eventually find their riff.  [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 11 – Slow Down the Future (Sheep Fiends) – Time itself follows no regular schedule as forward thinkers look backward. We grind and scream for answers, but only the explosions of creation await. With resignation we regress back to the starting line.  [Scratch on Guitar]

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Sheep Fiends – Farm Jam II

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Album #: 81

Recording Dates: Memorial Day Weekend, 2012

Release Date: 2013

Catalog: SF


Back for a second, more steamy Farm Jam! This time Faiz doesn’t make the journey but both Mark and Aaron take their first trip. It’s hot and kind of miserable, but the garage is filled with riffs as it was destined to be.

Aaron takes over noise guitar duties this year and adds more keys, while Mark’s mandolin adds distinctive texture to the tracks. The spooky Casio digital guitar I got in the 90’s makes a suspenseful surprise appearance.

Five Track Sampler

Disc 01, Track 07 – SuperDuperDragonFly (Sheep Fiends) – A song about the journey East. A few liberties with the truth perhaps, but all in the service of promoting caution.  [Scratch on Vocals]

Disc 01, Track 08 – The Hell With Church (Sheep Fiends) – A vicious instrumental recorded early on Sunday. Mark’s infectious bassline inspires all sorts of accompanying infernal guitar madness.  [Scratch on Guitar]

Disc 01, Track 12 – The Haunted Garage (Sheep Fiends) – It’s a very small house and not a very large garage either. But the spirits that never leave seem not bothered by the lack of spacious living. The spookier side of the Sheep Fiends.  [Scratch on Casio DG-1]

Disc 02, Track 04 – Bicentennial Paprika (Sheep Fiends) – Sometimes you’ve got to let the Chef speak his mind. Is his mind on the kitchen? Damn straight! Problems abound with a crunchy rock taste and a stale nostalgia. A standout track one part each trippy, heavy and passionate. [Scratch on Guitar]

Disc 02, Track 07 – In the Middle (Sheep Fiends) – Clearly a commentary on something or other having to do with the human condition. But why such lurching glurpy music? Oatmeal pie double mint chocolate chip surprise, indeed! [Scratch on Vocals]

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