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Sheep Fiends – Looking Back

November 28th, 2020 Comments off

Album #: 76

Recording Dates: 06/12/2010

Release Date: 2010

Catalog: SF


This one has a perfect album title. A very nostalgic jam finds me revealing my activities during Gerald Ford’s inauguration; followed by rage about my stolen backyard and the totality of my past. Meanwhile the weird atmospheric epic “Eyes Wide Like Saucers” recounts a frightening event in Matt C’s youth. And even then remembrances of twins and “baby’s” vie for your attention. A quite varied and engaged collection of tracks.

Three Track Sampler

Track 03 – The Road (Sheep Fiends) – I was so put off by the State of Illinois forcing me to sell part of my backyard that I made up a song on the spot. And later put together a music video with proof of the injustice. A guy does what he can.  [Scratch on Vocals]

Track 05 – Still Loving You (Dream Sequence) (Sheep Fiends) – I never really figured out how to play this Scorpions track consistently, so presenting it here in the form of reverb drenched hypnotism seems about right.  [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 06 – Eyes Wide Like Saucers (Sheep Fiends) – Certainly a highlight of the era. Matt tells a long twisting tale of mystery while the band provides tension through interpretive wind howling, thunder crashing and torrential rain. More suspenseful than the average jam – who or what is in that red pickup truck? Storytelling at its Fiendist.  [Scratch on Guitar]

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Sheep Fiends – American Sweetheart

November 27th, 2020 Comments off

Album #: 75

Recording Dates: 01/23/2010

Release Date: 2010

Catalog: SF


This is a pretty strong jam CD from 2010. We’d grown comfortable with the Rumpus Room studio and felt free to create without stress. Several dirges anchor this heavy record while the topics of outer space isolation, obsessive collecting, the American Dream and nightmares of spiders unfold languidly. And that’s before the remixing starts…

Three Track Sampler

Track 01 – Cowgirl in the Sand (Sheep Fiends) – A completely unrehearsed but surprisingly unique cover of the Neil Young song. I’d been learning it for a week or so and found some solid accompaniment when strumming it out in the vocal booth one day.  [Scratch on Acoustic Guitar & Vocals]

Track 06 – Melancholy (Sheep Fiends) – Ten years later this title holds. A slow gloomy journey into hopelessness? Or maybe that’s just what I get from this nontypical ambient track. It seems the aliens have taken hold by the time we reach the end.  [Scratch on Bass & Guitar]

Track 12 – Very Avant-Garde (Sheep Fiends) – So what happened was when transferring some audio files of us jamming something went very wrong. Clean guitar became shrieking feedback. So I copied the screwed up guitar track and overlaid vocals from other sections over it to make a song. Then I fleshed it out with people talking. What else could I have done?  [Scratch on Guitar & Vocals]

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Scratchrock Volume XV

November 23rd, 2020 Comments off

Album #: 74

Recording Dates: 2005-2009

Release Date: 2010

Catalog: SMR31


These 15 tracks come from just seven jams that I attended between 2005 and 2009 – six Sheep Fiends events and one guest appearance with the Poker Night String Band. The most notable musical development that occurred during this period was the evolution of the Rumpus Room from a welcoming jam spot into a full-on multitrack studio. This volume of Scratchrock captures the end of the “tape deck” era through our first multitrack recordings. At times somber; at times preposterous, the addition of several new Sheep Fiends participants packs this collection full of surprises.

Four Track Sampler

Track 03 – The Sea Gull (Sheep Fiends) – An unexpected drum machine swings as slide guitar meets a delay pedal on this ornithological instrumental. You can almost see their reflections on the pavement.  [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 04 – Uranium (Sheep Fiends) – Back to a more organic sound…and topic. Creepy bass anchors this droner where I celebrate the properties of all natural ingredients, and curse the regulations that get in my way.  [Scratch on Vocals]

Track 06 – Theme From 7 on 15 (Sheep Fiends) – A happy little instrumental for a change. Steady drums allow me to try out a myriad of sounds on my Casio guitar from 1989, while a haunting mandolin plinks inside your mind. Kinda funky; kinda quirky, all Sheep Fiends.  [Scratch on Casio DG-1 Guitar]

Track 08 – Fission Overlord (Sheep Fiends)– Reminds me of the mating call of the nuclear reactor. The Geiger counter chirps out its warnings. The oscillator screams at a constant dBm. Drums and bass lazily provide a low end to the techno-fission reaction. Is the Overlord here?  [Scratch on Bass]

Sheep Fiends – Fission Overlord

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Album #: 73

Recording Dates: 2009

Release Date: 2010

Catalog: SF


This album primarily captures a freaky weird Sheep Fiends jam from October 2009. Hillbilly adjacent cover songs mesh with menacing instrumentals. Haunting laughter and oddly wrong pop songs. A strong start for a new decade of Sheep Fiends.

Three Track Sampler

Track 04 – Dread Reaper (Sheep Fiends) – Sounds like noise fusion… maybe? A duet of foul intention is conjured from nothing as Faiz and I twist knobs and scrape metal.  [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 06A Different Set of Rules (Sheep Fiends) – An EXPERIMENT blending ambient discussion with random music bits. We were all so passionate at the time, yet I don’t remember what about attribution I was so upset about in the first place. But what you really need to do is make a song out of it. Make a make a song out of it. [Scratch on Bass and Vocals]

Track 08 – Nevermind Now (Sheep Fiends) – About as garage as rock can sound when improvised in a basement.  [Scratch on Vocals]

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