Scratchrock Volume IV

Album #: 04

Recording Dates: 1990

Release Date: 1999

Catalog: SMR04


During the first Brain Plug rehearsal, the band was already tight.  The musical rapport between Joe G., Brian L. and myself had always existed. It was now being realized. In a few hours nearly all of the most progressive Raging Bellybuttons material was mastered, and raw ideas were turning into brand new songs.  A few practices in, Brain Plug would bring in former Raging Bellybuttons crooner Matt J., but a misunderstanding quickly ruined the relationship.  Whether playing in a cushy suburban basement or an impersonal storage garage, Brain Plug would go for two hours straight and still want more.  We had over 30 songs arranged in eight or nine months.  It was a spirited cycle in my evolution as a musician, and it was a lot of fun.




Five Track Sampler

Track 02  – What’s Your Real Name? (Brain Plug) – A jazzy little instrumental for your dinner party. [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 09 – Baby Doll (Brain Plug) – Brain Plug ups the speed on this old Raging Bellybuttons yarn. [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 11 – Iron Man (Brain Plug) – Our rendition of the Black Sabbath classic. [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 16 – I Against I (Brain Plug) – Mix a healthy obsession with the Bad Brains and chronic Mountain Dew addiction and listen to the result. [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 19 – Metal Song [8 minute edit] (Brain Plug) – It seems like every band I’ve ever been involved with ends up with at least one giant epic jam that allows the band to stretch out sylistically – for Brain Plug Metal Song is that track. [Scratch on Guitar]

The Raging Bellybuttons in Action

Before we leave this era behind, here are some images I captured from the few video recordings that exist of the Raging Bellybuttons.

Scratch and Joe
Scratch and Joe
Matt, Scratch, and Joe
Matt, Scratch, and Joe

Scratchrock Volume III

Album #: 03

Recording Dates: 1989

Release Date: 1999

Catalog: SMR03


In-between intermittent spurts of the Raging Bellybuttons, Brian P. and I hooked up for a project featuring electronic drums and guitar.  Plans were made to segue James Taylor’s “Sunny Skies” into Slayer’s “Raining Blood”, but it never happened.  We considered calling ourselves Hugs and Kisses.

Meanwhile, the Bellybuttons took a major commercial step in tapping Matt J. (the No-Name Band’s breakdancer) as frontman.  Sadly, this grouping lasted less than 10 rehearsals, and the Bellybuttons disbanded in mid-1990.



Four Track Sampler

Track 01 – Song #1 Extended (MX Skroch & Brian P.) – It just wouldn’t be right to exit the 80’s without hearing from an electronic drum set. Brian supplies the slamming beats down in my basement. [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 03 – Preaching Peace Princess (The Raging Bellybuttons) – Despite the mis-crediting on the artwork, short-time crooner Matt J. relays this tale of idealism and sorrow. [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 10 – Biker Gang (The Raging Bellybuttons) – The only thing we have to fear…is Biker Gangs themselves! [Scratch on Vocals and Guitar]

Track 11 – Jam with Brian #1 (MX Skroch & Brian P.) – Leaving you with a mellow groove. [Scratch on Guitar]

Scratchrock Volume II

Album #: 02

Recording Dates: 1988 – 1989

Release Date: 1999

Catalog: SMR02


The Raging Bellybuttons find their voice (well, Scratch and Joe do while Kenny wears a T-shirt on his head).  Bad fashion and lousy but enthusiastic renditions of songs by the Doors, Blondie, and Slayer.  “Soundgarden Song” wasn’t a cover, just an eleven minute two chord tribute.  “Raging Rap” and “Everything is Kinda Bizarre” also wallowed in improvisational vocal extravagance.

I shaved half my head, graduated from high school with honors and moved up to community college.  On the final night of the dreadful decade known as the 80’s, the Raging Bellybuttons played their only live performance, reading from lyric sheets while performing at Kenfest.

Scratchrock Vol. II cover



Five Track Sampler

Track 04 – Rubber Lover (The Raging Bellybuttons) – Just teenagers, the Bellybuttons show impressive insight into the nature of true love. [Scratch on Vocals and Guitar]

Track 09 – “Save my Life!” (The Raging Bellybuttons) – The king of pop. [Scratch on Startled Reaction]

Track 13 – Cancer (MX Skroch & Joe G.) – Another outtake by Joe and I that thrives on riffing prowess. [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 15 – Funky Dunky (The Raging Bellybuttons) – Dancing shoes are mandatory. [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 20 – Everything is Kinda Bizarre (The Raging Bellybuttons) – Taking notice of the 1980’s culture that surrounded us all. And somehow the 80’s seem even more bizarre in retrospect… [Scratch on Vocals and Guitar]

Scratchrock Volume I

Album #: 01

Recording Dates: 1986 – 1987

Release Date: 1999

Catalog: SMR01


Libertyville High School has spawned a number of splendid guitar players. While Tom Morello and Adam Jones were off perfecting their tones, the No-Name Band was rocking the field house with one rehearsal (in a church) under their belt. Feedback and breakdancing. Battle of the Bands was canceled the next year.

The Raging Bellybuttons got together on August 27, 1987 and proceeded to write their first six songs in a basement characterized by wood paneling and overhead fluorescent lighting.

In addition to music, other activities for these years included such adventures as running away to Los Angeles, being caught by the police, and being locked in a foster home for two days. I was later arrested as a transient in Milwaukee after drinking a bit too much at a Slayer concert.

These were the years of figuring out all three chords, living in the basement, and prowling the streets in a ’79 Monte Carlo when not selling pizza.




Five Track Sampler

Track 01 – Guitarboard #1 (MX Skroch & Brian P.) – Exploring the teenage wasteland in Brian’s parents’ condo with an acoustic guitar, a Casio, and a delay pedal. [Scratch on Casio and Delay Pedal]

Track 03 – Fat Albert (The No-Name Band) – About as polished as this band could get! [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 09 – That Blues Thing (MX Skroch & Joe G.) – Occasionally 2/3 of the Raging Bellybuttons would get together to jam – and sometimes a little jam is what you got. [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 22 – Pots and Pans (MX Skroch & Joe G.) – A fully developed track that should have been a Bellybutton standard – but wasn’t. [Scratch on Guitar]

Track 42 – Weh-oh Jah Mama (The Raging Bellybuttons) – The smell of the mosh pit unfolds into the glorious Jamaican sun. [Scratch on Vocals and Guitar]

ScratchManRecordings (SMR)

In recent years I’ve tried to find a coherent way of categorizing my discography. This has led to the creation of a virtual record label called ScratchManRecordings (SMR). Each CD that Mrs. Scratch and I have self-released has been given a catalog number detailing the order in which these music collections were completed.

The Scratchrock Collection

In 1999 the Skroch family procured what was at the time a high end computer (400Mhz Pentium II, 128Mb of RAM, 13Gb hard drive, and a Zip drive for the low low price of $2600!). This was the dawning age of the CD burning revolution, and we set to work on digitizing my large collection of master tapes, DATs, field recordings, and practice tapes.

These materials would form the basis of the Scratchrock Collection – a chronological discography meant to amuse and confound. As of this posting there are 14 volumes of Scratchrock chronicling the years 1986-2004. Scratchrock 15 is in queue but the right collection of songs has yet to be nailed down.

Our story begins with the first several installments of this historical sound archive.